Joplin Maps for Zoning, Flood Plains and More

Forget all the other blogs that I have written about Joplin zoning maps. (The map seem to be changed often!)  This is the latest  link that will take you to a map that will not only tell you about the zoning in Joplin,  but street and utility information also.

But, my favorite map for information about the area is on the  Beacon website.   You can pay for membership to Beacon but there is plenty of information even if you are not a member. This website has maps  that give you information about Jasper County.

You can find out if property is in a flood zone,  who is the  owner of  a piece of land, zoning in Carthage,  historic districts, path of the Joplin tornado and much more.

If you wish to become a Beacon member there is even more information.

Of course the best way to find out about a piece of property is to ask a realtor.  Give me a call for information about any property.  I am happy to help. 417-825-1042




JHAP, the Joplin Homeowners Assistance Program, has enough funds left for about 100 more home loans.

If you are thinking about using that money to purchase a home now is the time to act.


If you live in the JHAP area and are thinking about selling your home.  Now is the time to get it listed!


Give me a call 417-825-1042 so that I can help you use these funds to get the home you want.

JHAP Funding for your Home Purchase

JHAP, Joplin Homeowners Assistance Program, just got a great financial boost. The Joplin Globe reported that the JHAP program is requesting an additional $7 million dollars to this program that helps qualified home buyers purchase a home in the area of Joplin that was devastated by the 2011 tornado.


JHAP Area Map

People who qualify for JHAP may get up to 20% of the home’s purchase price!


Income Qualifications for JHAP Buyers

I am happy to help you find out more about this program or find a home in the JHAP area, I can negotiate a new construction, FSBO or any listed property at no cost to the buyer.

So give me a call today, 417-825-1042, and let’s get the JHAP funding working for you.

St. Mary’s Quilt Restored

St. Mary Church in Joplin, MO was destroyed in the May 2011 tornado. We not only lost our place of worship, but also many of the artifacts that went along with making the church our home.

But fortunately, someone found the quilt that had hung in the church vestibule.  This quilt was completed by a ladies of the parish in 1988 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of St. Mary’s Church. The ladies did lots of work to quilt together embroidered squares that symbolized the different activities going on in the church at that time.  Entering the church, all could enjoy the hard work of these ladies while thinking fondly of the fellowship our church offered.  My kids always thought there should be a square for their favorite thing, the donuts we had after masses.

The tornado left the quilt a bit of a mess.  It was dirty and ragged.  It was taken to St. Peter’s Church in Joplin by Susan Howell.  This quilt was dear to Susan because it was her son who made the frame for the quilt as his Eagle Project.



When Chris Perrey discovered that the quilt had survived and was at St. Peter’s, she asked if she could have it to repair.  The quilt was a bit beat up from the tornado.  Much of the embroidery was gone. And it was ripped in a few places. Chris began working on it but wanted to get it back in shape for the opening of the new St. Mary’s Church.  The church is scheduled to open at its new location on December 17.

That is when Chris asked me if I could do needlepoint.  It had been a while since I had picked up embroidery thread, but I was willing to give it a try.  Then Sheri Kinler joined us to help get the work done.

Chris Perrey finding just the right thread.Sheri finishing a block.

As we worked on repairing the quilt we thought of all the ladies who had originally worked on the quilt.  I hope they had as much fun making it as we did repairing it.  We also thought all the memories we had of our old church, all the different types of fellowships that the squares represented.  !cid_38601564-3ED1-44C7-B06A-2C3A8BBE8DA2

Good New!  Today we finished the embroidery work on the quilt.  We hope that in the new church there will be a spot for this dear friend of ours.


J-HAP Joplin

Are you wondering whether or not you qualify for the J-HAP program?  And what is the J-HAP program?

The city of Joplin has grant money that they are using to help people purchase a primary residence in the area of Joplin that was hit hard by the 2011 tornado.

Qualified buyers can receive up to 20% of the purchase price!  So how do you know if you will qualify.

Your income is one of the factors that is considered.

You must qualify for a mortgage and fill out all the required paperwork. You can get all the required forms from the J-HAP office located at 519 S. Main.

If your home is in the J-HAP area and you have been thinking of selling now is a great time to put your home on the market.

Let me help you with buying or selling your J-HAP home.



JHAP Homes Sell Fast

Do you live in the area of Joplin that was hit by the Tornado in May 2011? If you live in this area and are thinking of selling your home, now is the time.


The homes that I have listed in this area have gone under contract in less than 2 weeks! And the reason is the Joplin Home Buying Assistance Program or JHAP program that is available to buyers.

JHAP can provide the buyer with up to 20% of the home cost. The buyer must qualify for this program. The home must be in the JHAP area and pass inspection. This program makes a home in that area extremely attractive to many buyers because it provides them with free money.

This program is available until the money runs out. So if you have thought about selling now is a great time to sell fast and get the most for your money. I would be happy to  provide more information.


JHAP Joplin

As part of the Disaster Recovery, Joplin has developed the J-HAP programJ-HAP stands for Joplin Homeowners Assistance Program.  The purpose is to repopulate the tornado affected area.


Through the program, buyers can apply for 20% of the home cost!

There are requirements for the buyer and the home.

This is a great opportunity for both the seller and the buyer. Homes in the area are selling fast.

photo 4 (2)

This home was under contract in less than a week.

To find out more about the program please give me a call. 417-825-1042