Joplin’s Zoning, JHAP, Flood Maps and More

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Is a particular school a top priority in your search for a new home?

If you are searching for a home in a particular Joplin school area, you will want to check out the new Joplin School District map.  Since the tornado of 2011 left many school building and neighborhood devastated, the district has been busy building new schools.  This and the shifting population have led to redistricting of the schools.


If you need to find a home in a particular school district, it is easy to do a search by school on my website.  Or you can give me a call at 417-825-1042.

A bi g thanks to OGAR Association for today’s Realtor Summit.  OGAR, our local realtor board, together with USBank featured at the summit David Wallace from Wallace Bajjali.   This is the company that is providing the master development plan for Joplin’s rebuild effort.

I was excited to hear of the direction the rebuild effort is taking.  The city leaders in Joplin and CART are taking the tragic event of the tornado and using it as an opportunity to make Joplin a progressive thriving community that we can all be proud to call home.

They are doing this by addressing two major concerns of the citizen of Joplin.

  1. Have a community with good paying jobs.
  2.  Have a community with a variety of things to do.

Now who doesn’t want to live in a town that has that going for it?  If you would like more information on becoming a home owner in the area, contact me!

Joplin House Concert Series

Since Joplin is a small town that has such a wide variety of things to do, we found ourselves Saturday night with the difficult choice deciding how to pass a pleasant summer evening.

Besides the usual fun things to do there was also the Dogs in Downtown Festival in Landreth Park.  This was a three day event that raised money for the Humane Society and offered a wide range of activities.

Akso “Joplin’s Own”  Summer Collegiate Baseball Club,  the Joplin Outlaws,  hosted a home game.

But the thing that we chose to do Saturday night was attend the Joplin House Concert to hear Mark Bilyeu play acoustic guitar and serenade us with some folksy songs. For ten dollars, the evening started at six with free range burgers hot off the grill and provided by Tangled Tree Farms.

Mark Bilyeu, formerly of Big Smith, entertained us in the backyard of the home of Reed and Lee Ann Dunn.  In this intimate surrounding we got to hear the great sound of Mark’s guitar and voice. Mark played a variety of gospel, rock and country music giving a bit of history before he would start a song.

Joplin House Concert

What a great way to pass another pleasant evening in Joplin.

The Joplin House Concert will have the next performance in September.  Thanks to Reed and Lee Ann for being  great hosts.

Joplin is a town with such a wide variety of things to do.  If you would like to move here I would be very happy to help you.  Give me a call to find out about buying a home in or around Joplin.

St. Patrick’s Day in Joplin, MO

Happy St. Pat’s! So on the day when everyone is Irish, here is what is happening in Joplin.

Starting at 11 this morning there will be a parade on Main Street. This will be followed by lots of carnival activities and carnival food down on the 300 block.
From noon to 8 pm the over 21 crowd can enjoy games special drinks and great music in the Shamrock Garden.
With warm weather and only a slight chance of rain, you can find something for everyone this St. Patrick’s Day in good ol’ Joplin.

With all this fun, who doesn’t want to live here?  To find a really great home to buy, be sure to contact me, Mary Plunkett.