Don’t Do These Home Remodels

I mean of course you can do these home remodels.  Some of these remodels may be just what you need to make your home fit your needs.

But RISMedia House Calls says that these remodels do not add value to your home.   So if you are going to put your home on the market and  inspired by HGTV you  want to make your home more appealing to buyers,


Luxury Room Basketball courts, saunas,  & wine cellars appeal to only certain buyers.

Swimming Pools  Like the luxury room many buyers will not look at a home with a swimming pool because of safety and maintenance issues.


Flashy trendy accents Highly colorful decorative add-ons may not get you the value you think.

Spending More than your neighborhood will support You may want to add some great features and more square feet to your home but look around.  You don’t want to be the most expensive home in the neighborhood.


I have worked with many buyers and am happy to pass on what I have learned from them.  Just give me a call to set up an appointment for you to visit your home for suggestions.


A Great Time to be a Home Seller

It has been awhile since I have talked about the absorption rate so I thought I would share this graph with you from the Ozark Gateway MLS.

For those of you who don’t want to know all the math of this interesting statistic let me just tell you that this means our inventory is low and houses are selling fast.

Last year at this time it would have taken 6 months to go through all our home inventory, but right now it would take less than 5 months.

So if you have been thinking about selling and needed a little nudge.  This is your little nudge. Now is a good time to be a home seller and now is a great time to get you home on the market.


Give me a call and let me help you get you home sold. 417-825-1042 cell 417-623-9900 office

Up on the House Top…


Making  sure that Santa and his reindeers have a good landing surface is just on of the reason you should pay particular attention to your roof this time of year.

Here are a few recommendations to get your roof ready for winter.

  1. Do a visual inspection of your roof to look for maintenance issues or things that could make it more susceptible to hail or wind or other damage—like missing or damaged shingles or tiles on sloped roofs.
  2. Look at flashing along the roof to make sure it’s in place and in good condition. The flashing is where you transition between vertical places and the horizontal roof—things like around skylights, vents or chimneys. Anywhere where you have a change in roof elevation, you’ve got flashing there and that’s a typical source or place for water to penetrate into the roof covering.
  3. Take a walk around the home and look for overhanging trees and branches. Trim trees back and remove dead branches—things that have the potential to fall when you get high winds or heavy snowfall to keep from damaging your roof.
  4. Check downspouts and gutters to make sure that after the leaves fall the gutters get cleaned out—anything with the potential to freeze and exacerbate the problem with ice damage. Keep the drainage of the water off the roof and not clogged in the gutters.

A good roof makes for a cozy home.  Give me a call for a free market analysis of your home today. 417-825-0142


Joplin Area Real Estate Market Conditions

As an informed consumer, before you buy or sell a home you might want to investigate the market conditions.

According to the National Association of Realtors the median price of a home, $217300, was up 4.9% in 2014 from 2013. How does that compare to our real estate market in Joplin and the surrounding area? The Ozark Gateway Association of Realtors reported that in December of 2013 a median price home in our area was $83,000, but this December the median price is now $90,000. That is almost a 9% increase. So while the median home price in Joplin is lower than the national price, our housing market is also on the rise.

Great news for home sellers, but don’t worry if you are looking to buy because the news is good there also.

Market Trends reports that this will be a great year for home buyers with more inventory expected and continued low interest rates. They even think that the lower gas prices will have a positive effect on the housing market.

On the local level, we still have lots of JHAP funding available. Kristy Baugh at the JHAP office reported that we still have close to $6 million in JHAP funds available!

Sounds like a happy new for everyone!

If you want to learn more about what your house is worth, find out more about buying a house or get more information about JHAP, just give me a call, 417-825-0142.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make my 2013 a great year and best wishes in 2014.

Stone Cottage

IMG_153883 (Small)If you love the Arkansas stone homes as much as I do, you will love this newly listed home at 3301 E. 13th St.
This 2 bedroom, 1 bath home is in Duquesne and very close to shopping and the college.
I has a privacy fenced backyard that is locked for extra privacy. This home has several charming features such as beamed ceiling, large picture window and arched entryways that add to it appeal. It also has many updates such as the electric lines. Also the sewer and water lines are new as is the roof. The purchase price of $74,500 includes all the appliances and a home warranty. Give me a call, 417-815-1042, if you have any questions.

Affordability in Housing

Is housing affordable?  Is now a good time to buy a home?  Sell a home?

For all you people who love to have the numbers to back up your decisions, let me help you out.  In the Vision Statement presented at the Keller Williams Family Reunion in February, comparisons were made between the cost of these basic items: breaduntitled, gasgas, carscar,and homes.  house

They looked at the 1989 cost, the based on the inflation rate cost, and the actual 2013 cost.


It looks like most of the items that we need in are daily life costs us more and more.  But while the cost of all these staples went up; the monthly housing payment went down. 

The good news for homes sellers is that the value of your home did go up. 

The good news for home buyers is that a monthly house payment is significantly lower than expected when we look at the inflation rate..

Looks like buying a home is a great investment.  Please give me a call if you have any questions on the value of your home or if you are looking to buy a home.


So you have a buyer who has fallen in love with your home and with the help of your very super fantastic Realtor, you have agreed on the conditions of the contract, including the price, closing date, earnest money, possession and perhaps some other contract conditions. YEAH!!!!!!



So now what?

Here are some things to keep in mind to keep the stress level down.




The contract is sent to the title company by your very competent Realtor.  The title company will let you know find any title issues that need to be cleared up.


Your extremely professional Realtor will send the contract, unless it is a cash deal, to the buyer’s loan officer.  Since your buyer is pre approved for the loan, the loan officer will begin to process the loan.  The type of loan that the buyer is going to get to buy the house is stated on the contract.  Pay attention to this.  Different loans have different requirements that could be the responsibility of you, the seller!  This is not necessarily a bad thing if you are prepared for this expense.  Your knowledgeable realtor can guide you as to what you may have to change in your house to meet the loan requirements.


Home inspectors are hired by the buyers to find things wrong with your home.  And the home inspectors will find things wrong with your home.  Don’t panic.  This is part of the negotiating process and another reason that you have hired a effective Realtor.


This date on the contract is a goal.  Sometimes it happens right on time.  And sometimes, for a variety of reasons usually to do with the loan, there is a delay.  The best way to avoid the stress of this is to be prepared alternate housing needs just in case. Again, your compassionate realtor can be of assistance.

If you want to work with a super fantastic Realtor who is competent, professional, knowledgeable, effective, and compassionate, give me a call.