Walking Trails Close to Joplin

Sure it is January, but with this weather anytime is a good time to enjoy our walking trails that are close to Joplin.  
1914-w-14th-078And now you can easily find these great trails.  This is my first attempt at Google My Map. Let me know if can easily find Wildcat Park, Frisco Greenway Trail or Ruby Jack.

Enjoy all our area has to offer. And give me a call if you would like to find a home close to any of these.


Tuxedo Kitchens?

A Tuxedo Kitchen is listed on several sites as a top kitchen trend for 2017.  So what is it?

Tuxedo kitchens cabinets have light colored upper cabinets such as white white combined with darker, even black, lower cabinets.



Do you like the look? And if you are thinking of selling, should you upgrade to this new style?

Give me a call and I can help you figure out what upgrades would get you the most return on your investment.