Said No Buyer Ever

Our mild weather so far this winter has prompted buyers to start their search for a new home; so I thought I would repost a blog of mine from a couple of years ago.   When considering putting your home on the market,  keep in mind some things that buyers might never say about a home.

For instance:

It is so creative they way the home owners have used different carpet in every room.

That stale lingering cigarette smell reminds me of dear ol’granny.

The huge crack in this wall will make a perfect place to store old newspapers.

How do they get pictures all over the wall to look like a qwerty keyboard?  (The tech savvy buyer obviously)

I hope that ripped sofa is included in the sale.

There is a trash dump at the back of the property?  Yippee, the kids will have a place to play!

With the washer being upstairs and the dryer downstairs, I can train for the Olympics at home!

I love the use of recycle plastic bags to fill in the space between the wall and the floor. (The eco-minded buyer obviously)

Anyway, you may have some of your own to add.

But if you want to see some homes where the comments are Oooo’s and Ahh’s check out my featured properties. Or if you would like me to stop by and give you suggesting for staging your home, just give me a call. 417-825-1042

And have a great day.



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