Prettiest Yard Contest

We have a Winner!!!

Julie Hannon’s yard wins with 68 votes wins. This yard not only has a pretty home and luscious landscaping but also a saltwater pool. On these hot days, that not only looks pretty but feels oh so nice!

Julie Hannon

With 49 votes, Dory Quinn’s yard came in second. This pretty home has colorful appealing landscaping.

Dory Quinn

I want to thank everyone who participated in our “Prettiest Yard Contest.”  We have some beautiful yards in the area. I appreciate those of you who shared those pictures with me. We even had a beautiful picture from a California yard! It was great that you took time to take a picture and send it in to me so I could put it on my Facebook page.

11540923_10203498105047813_1004306211401733183_n IMG_6126 Callen2

Thanks to all who took time to hit that “like” button and vote for your favorite.

I love how people take pride in their homes. As a realtor, I know how much people appreciate a home that is not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you to Sandra DeWitt of Mid Missouri Bank for sponsoring the $100 prize.

This was so much fun. Follow my Facebook page Mary Plunkett Sells Homes to see if we run another contest in the future.


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