Big Home Seller’s Mistake – Bad Pictures

Great pictures can sell your home! One of the biggest mistakes that home sellers make is using poor quality pictures. True, there are many buyers who do not use a computer to search for a home. But most home buyers do search on the internet. National Association of Realtors found that last year 92% of home buyers used the internet in some way to find a home.

Your pictures can sell your home.

While bad pictures can be amusing, 1 bad picture 2 bad picture disturbing,

Or thought provoking3 bad picture

Great pictures can sell your home!


To get some outstanding pictures that show off your home’s features while also attracting buyer’s interests, give me a call. 417-825-1042

What’s My Home Worth?

Would you like to know how much your home is worth?  You don’t have to be thinking of selling your home to be interested in what it would sell for today.


What you paid for it, how much you owe, what you need, what your neighbor said, and what it would cost to replace are all interesting figures.  But I can tell you what buyers in today’s market in your area will pay for a home.

Just click on the link, What is My Home Worth, and fill out the information. I am happy to help you.