New Blog Look and Stats for December

Since I have been writing a blog since 2011, I thought it was time for a new look.  So last week I changed my “theme.” What do you think?  Is it easy to read?

My goal with my blog is to give you quick information about real estate issues, particularly how they pertain to Southwest Missouri.

Speaking of information about the area, here are some stats for the month of December: There were 844 active residential listings, 172 new listings were added that month and  the average days on the market (DOM) is 127.  That is pretty active for the month of December.

Dec sales

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What’s going on with JHAP?


Designated JHAP Area

JHAP, Joplin Homebuyer’s Assistance Program, is a great home loan program that will give buyers 20% up to $30,000 towards the purchase price of  a home in the designated area.

It started out with $12.5 million and has so far use $5.6 million to assist qualifying home buyers.  That means there is still $6.9 million!


Qualifying Income


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