6 Mistakes Homes Sellers Make

Even though the temperatures are definitely wintery, spring is just around the corner. And that means that there will be lots more people shopping for a home.  If you have your home on the market or are thinking of selling you home let me tell you about the 5 most common mistakes that homes sellers make.

  1.  The biggest mistake is over pricing your home.  Price it right to begin with and you will sell it fast and very often for more money.
  2. Not having your home available to show.  You don’t want to miss a potential buyer by declining a showing, do you?
  3. Having a cluttered house is the third mistake home sellers make.  You will be moving so pack up early and make the home look roomy and uncluttered.
  4. Unpleasant odors are a huge turn off.  The biggest offenders of this are smoking odors and pet odors. Hiding those with heavy scents do not fool anyone.  Check with the experts to get your home smelling good.
  5. Being unwilling to negotiate can also be a deal buster.  Don’t be offended by a low offer. Instead be willing to counter to get the price you want.
  6. Don’t be unwilling to make repairs.  Listen to the advice of your realtor to find out which repairs matter the most.

Let your realtor help you with all these to make your home sales process less stressful and successful.  Give me a call to help with any real estate needs.