Why Buy a Home During the Holiday Season


I know, I know. It is a busy enough time of the year without adding house hunting to your to do list.  So let me give you some reasons why you should continue your house hunting search right now.

First, many less savvy people do get super busy and stop their house hunting search.  This means that when you find the perfect home you may be the only buyer who is looking at this home and thus have the opportunity to grab it up while your competition is waiting in line at the mall.

And of course these Christmas time home sellers are a motivated bunch. They want to sell even if it is a disruption to their holiday festivities.  This is not to say that they are giving their homes away, but these sellers want to work with you to get their home sold. Take advantage of that.

Also this time of year sometimes brings on less desirable weather.  What better time to look at how a house behaves than seeing it on a bad weather day.  You can check out things like how the water runs off the yard or if the windows have frost on the inside.

If you need an added reason, here it is.  What better gift to give yourself or family than a great home.  No bow needed!

Let me help you find that perfect gift, err home, this Christmas.


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