Joplin, the Friendliest Town in America –Almost

Joplin was a run a runner up in the Rand McNally/USA Today “Best of the Road” contest for friendliest small city in the country.  We competed against some other great small towns in the USA.  Big congratulations to the winner Murray, Kentucky.

Even thought we did not win, you can easily see why Joplin was in the running. There is a “can do” attitude that was always evident but even more so after the tornado.  AmeriCorps volunteer Angela Rineer, 24, of Reading, Pa told Joplin Globe on June 20, 2011 “Everyone is filled with such hope and happiness in spite of what happened here just a year ago…”

The friendliness of Joplin is also manifested by all the activities that the area offers.  Ball games, concerts, boating, hunting, fishing, hiking, shopping are just some of the options a person in Joplin can choose to do.  Or maybe you just want to get involved with one of the many churches that call Joplin home.  There is something for everyone to make them feel welcome is this town.

If you think this friendly town is a place you would like to live, please give me a call.


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