Buyer’s Consultation

Why do a buyer’s consultation? 

Many times buyers drive around or look online untill they find a house that interests them.  Then, they will call an agent and want to see that property.  It seems to make sense.  Buyers find a property they would like to see and meeting the agent at the home sure does seem like a time saver.

But actually the best thing a buyer can do is to meet the agent at the office for a buyer’s consultation.  This will save the buyer some precious time.

At the buyer’s consultation, besides telling the agent the desired home features, This Month in Real Estate, suggests that these questions should also be asked:

Which is more critical location or size?

What are the benefits of buying a turnkey or fixer upper property?

What is the best way to maximize home value appreciation?

What home features offer the best resale value?

The buyer can use the consultation to find out important information from the expert, the real estate agent, to make the buying a home a smooth and successful experience.

To set up a buyer’s consultation for yourself just give me a call.


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