What Does This Really Say?

You have decided you want to buy a home, so you look on-line, in the paper, or in a real estate magazine to get started.  Excellent! 

But those descriptions you see may not always mean what you think!  I would like to help you by providing a real estate urban dictionary of sorts to allow you to decipher what the descriptions could really be saying about the property.

Cozy – Extremely small

Quaint/Charming – Wallpaper is from 1970.

Unique — Strange, very strange

Easy to show – Doors don’t really shut.

Could be a 3 bedroom – It is a 2 bedroom (This is similar to ads saying “could be a 4 bedroom”  this is a 3 bedroom, etc.)

Freshly painted – Owners are hoping it sells before the old cracks show up again.

Conveniently located –  Home is near a busy, noisy  intersection.

Of course we have lots of great homes on the market right now and many descriptions that you will find in your search are dead on.

So if you are looking to buy, contact me right away and I will help you sort through the bad and the good to find the coziest, quaintest, most unique, and conveniently located home, or just one that meets your needs.


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