Property Design Guidelines for Joplin

Where are all the new buildings in Joplin? After the May 22, 2012 tornado cut a barren swatch out of the mid section of our town, there still remains much bare scarred landscape. So what is to become of the middle of Joplin?

The city council on May 19th met to discuss just that issue. At the meeting, the council adopted guidelines that include updated zoning for the future development of Joplin.

What will the new Joplin look like? The council has listened to suggestions from Citizens Advisory Recovery Team, CART, to guide Joplin towards an attractive and eco-friendly place to live and work.

CART’s vision statements asserts, “The idea is to blend commercial development with the surrounding area in an attractive and eco-friendly manner”

I am excited to see Joplin move forward and make our town an attractive and eco friendly place to live.

If you want to find a great home in Joplin or the surrounding area please contact me, Mary Plunkett


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