Hunger Games & Joplin Real Estate

So have you read Hunger Games?  What does that have to do with real estate in Joplin?

Not much, but it is a popular book (that I loved), and it is coming to the big screen.  So I will try to shamelessly make the connection.

Real estate in this futurist world is not really an issue, but let’s face it, the district you hail from pretty much defines your life.  I mean living in the capital district lets you live a much easier life.  Location, location, location.  And finding the right place to hang during the games is a major concern of Katniss.  Should she perch in the trees or go to the beach???  Each lodging has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

I don’t want to spoil this story for you.  If you haven’t had the chance or inclination to read Hunger Games, you will have the chance to see the movie soon.

But you can find the right place to hang right now–whatever area you would like to hail from or whatever style of lodging you could most see yourself setting up a life.  (See I did make the connection!!!)  For the best place for you to buy a home, contact me, Mary Plunkett.


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