The Secret to Getting your Home Sold!

Jay Papasan of Keller Williams recently tells us the secret to getting your home sold in This Month in Real Estate.  Almost half the homes that followed this secret sold twice as fast and for more money.  Are you interested?

Here is the secret.

Listen to your realtor.

Realtors pay a monthly fee to have pricing information at their fingertips.  Realtors use this information to relay to you the latest market conditions.  Realtors want your house sold as much as you do. So listen to them.

You may want to list your home higher than what your realtor suggests.  I understand.  You have put a lot of time, energy and money into your home.  You want to make a decent profit. Well, listing your home at a higher price does help homes to sell, only not your home.

Buyers will look at your home‘s price and then decide that the other home they looked at is a fantastic deal.

Besides selling your home faster, pricing your home right may even bring in multiple offers and a higher selling price.

So, to get your home sold fast, hire a realtor like me to help you price your home correctly the first time.


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