Rebuilding in Joplin

Although there still remains much vacant land in the middle of Joplin, much rebuilding has already begun on other lots.  The Joplin Globe, March 28, 2012,  reported that since the May 22 tornado, nearly 3,000 permits have been filed to repair or rebuild homes and 641 permits have been filed for new home construction.

My hat’s off to those of you who are putting up some new beautiful homes in Joplin.  It is also great to see all the work being done on existing homes that have been damaged.

If you have any question about a building permit you can check out the city of Joplin website.  You can also call the Chief Building Inspector 417.624.0820 ext. 520. If there is a home for sale on which you would like more information, give me, Mary Plunkett, a call at 417-825-0142.

Thanks again Joplin for all your rebuilding efforts!

What Does This Really Say?

You have decided you want to buy a home, so you look on-line, in the paper, or in a real estate magazine to get started.  Excellent! 

But those descriptions you see may not always mean what you think!  I would like to help you by providing a real estate urban dictionary of sorts to allow you to decipher what the descriptions could really be saying about the property.

Cozy – Extremely small

Quaint/Charming – Wallpaper is from 1970.

Unique — Strange, very strange

Easy to show – Doors don’t really shut.

Could be a 3 bedroom – It is a 2 bedroom (This is similar to ads saying “could be a 4 bedroom”  this is a 3 bedroom, etc.)

Freshly painted – Owners are hoping it sells before the old cracks show up again.

Conveniently located –  Home is near a busy, noisy  intersection.

Of course we have lots of great homes on the market right now and many descriptions that you will find in your search are dead on.

So if you are looking to buy, contact me right away and I will help you sort through the bad and the good to find the coziest, quaintest, most unique, and conveniently located home, or just one that meets your needs.

Property Design Guidelines for Joplin

Where are all the new buildings in Joplin? After the May 22, 2012 tornado cut a barren swatch out of the mid section of our town, there still remains much bare scarred landscape. So what is to become of the middle of Joplin?

The city council on May 19th met to discuss just that issue. At the meeting, the council adopted guidelines that include updated zoning for the future development of Joplin.

What will the new Joplin look like? The council has listened to suggestions from Citizens Advisory Recovery Team, CART, to guide Joplin towards an attractive and eco-friendly place to live and work.

CART’s vision statements asserts, “The idea is to blend commercial development with the surrounding area in an attractive and eco-friendly manner”

I am excited to see Joplin move forward and make our town an attractive and eco friendly place to live.

If you want to find a great home in Joplin or the surrounding area please contact me, Mary Plunkett

St. Patrick’s Day in Joplin, MO

Happy St. Pat’s! So on the day when everyone is Irish, here is what is happening in Joplin.

Starting at 11 this morning there will be a parade on Main Street. This will be followed by lots of carnival activities and carnival food down on the 300 block.
From noon to 8 pm the over 21 crowd can enjoy games special drinks and great music in the Shamrock Garden.
With warm weather and only a slight chance of rain, you can find something for everyone this St. Patrick’s Day in good ol’ Joplin.

With all this fun, who doesn’t want to live here?  To find a really great home to buy, be sure to contact me, Mary Plunkett.

Hunger Games & Joplin Real Estate

So have you read Hunger Games?  What does that have to do with real estate in Joplin?

Not much, but it is a popular book (that I loved), and it is coming to the big screen.  So I will try to shamelessly make the connection.

Real estate in this futurist world is not really an issue, but let’s face it, the district you hail from pretty much defines your life.  I mean living in the capital district lets you live a much easier life.  Location, location, location.  And finding the right place to hang during the games is a major concern of Katniss.  Should she perch in the trees or go to the beach???  Each lodging has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

I don’t want to spoil this story for you.  If you haven’t had the chance or inclination to read Hunger Games, you will have the chance to see the movie soon.

But you can find the right place to hang right now–whatever area you would like to hail from or whatever style of lodging you could most see yourself setting up a life.  (See I did make the connection!!!)  For the best place for you to buy a home, contact me, Mary Plunkett.

February Sales Activity Report & Absorption Rate

So who doesn’t love to look at our numbers to calculate the absorption rate?

Starting with December, we had an absorption rate of 36 weeks.  That means that last December if no more homes were listed, it would have taken 36 weeks till we ran out of houses to sell.  That jumped to 58 weeks in January.

So let’s find the absorption rate for month of February.

Currently, there are 1079 homes for sale. In February, 113 homes sold.

To figure absorption rate:

# of listings available 1079

# of listings sold in the last month X 12

113 X 12 = 1356

Divide this # by 52 wks.

1356/ 52 = 26.07

At this rate 26.07 units are selling each week.

Divide the # of listings available by that number to get the absorption rate.


Looks like it would take 41.38 weeks to run out of houses.

Many analysts will tell you that you can get a better idea of the market for your home by calculating the absorption rate in your price range rather than the overall market.

You can use the information in the chart below or give me a call. I will gladly help you figure your absorption rate.

Free Community Recycling Event

“Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day” is the theme for the recycling event at Freeman’s parking lot on March 16.  Go to the South Employee Parking Lot between 6 am and 6 pm to recycling anything that runs (or use to run) on batteries.

Recycling is a great way to help keep our community green. To find out more about being green, contact me.