There is a place on the greensheet, a form that Keller Williams requires before they pay you commission,  where you must fill out how much money you will contribute to KW Cares.  You can put down any amount even zero, but you must fill it out.  When I first began at Keller Williams, I would kinda give. By that I mean I would round off the amount to give a little. I was not familiar with this charity and felt like I gave enough to other charities.  And beside what did they do with that money?

Then an agent in our office discovered she had breast cancer and she got a check from KW CARES for $10,000! My ears perked up.  KW cares was helping people in our office! I discovered that there are no administrative fees. One hundred percent of the money donated goes to help agents and the families in a time of need.  Pretty cool.

Last May, the F5 tornado hit our town. That was Sunday evening.  On Monday morning, a Keller Williams agent from another state was calling me and asking if I was OK (which I was.)  Through KW Cares, everyone in our office was contacted.  But that was just the beginning.  KW Cares helped with many of the needs of people in our office.  This included helping the office with the enormous work load or helping those whose homes were devastated.

I am proud to work for a company that embraces KW Cares culture.


One thought on “KW CARES

  1. Chris Streppa says:

    The culture is spreading! KW agents are supporting KW Cares this year in record numbers. It is a privilege to be part of a movement that is able to directly help so many individuals in need when they need it most.

    Chris Streppa
    Associate Executive Director
    KW Cares

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