Demolition of Joplin High School

Demolition of Joplin High School

I was driving down 20th street on Friday and noticed news crews and passer-byers  taking an interest in the old Joplin High School.  Then, I noticed the machines that were there to begin demolition.   This ruined building will now become another piece of empty ground that is consistent with most of the middle of Joplin.  But to many of the people of Joplin, this was so much more than another building coming down.  Many memories were formed in those walls.

C.J. Huff, the Joplin School Superintendent, has posted a letter explaining the need for a $62 million dollar school bond that voters will get a chance to vote on in an upcoming election.  He explains in this letter that although the school insurance was extremely good and donations have been amazingly generous, to rebuild a school at today’s cost will be a pricey endeavor.

Many people choose to live in Joplin because we have always had a school system of which our community can be extremely proud.  We now have a chance to rebuild for the future of our children and community.  


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