Energy Efficient Feature for Home Sales

This Month in Real Estate talks about what features buyers look for in an energy efficient home.   Of course buyers are savvy and want to buy a home that will not drain their piggy bank once they are living in it.

The top features are:

Double paned windows

Energy efficient appliances

Upgraded insulation

Efficient heating and air conditioning

Solar power


I can attest that buyers in our area, look for efficient windows, appliances, HVAC and some of them ask about insulation.  Since we do not have many homes in the area that use solar power, it is not something that buyers usually ask about.  But if you have that you are ahead of the curve.

So if you are thinking about what you can do to get your home ready to sell, consider upgrading to make your home more energy efficient.

And if your home is on the market, make sure to have your agent advertise the energy efficient features of your home.

Making your home energy efficient will help to sell your home and make it more affordable while you are living there.  Contact me for more ideas on how to get your home sold.


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