Pay It Forward

Branson was damaged by a tornado last night.

 As Joplin residences, we know all too well what fierce winds can do to your community.  We were blessed in Joplin to have had so many volunteers come to our town to help with our recovery.

Now it is time to pay it forward.

Click here to find out how you can help our neighbors in Branson recover from this tornado.

525 N Jackson, Joplin, MO listed by Mary Plunkett

525 N. Jackson

This newly remodeled home at 525 N. Jackson is a buyers dream.  At $92,000 this great home is only $64.70 a square foot.  Joplin seems to be a little short of 3 bedroom homes in this price range. So buyers, look no further.

In addition to the 3 bedrooms, this home has 1.5 bathrooms, beautiful refinished wood floors and new ceramic tile flooring.  The roof is new and it has  all new insulated double pane windows. The  attached garage and laundry room, just off the kitchen, provide a very comfortable layout.

In the winter you can stay cozy by the wood burning fire place.  In the summer you can enjoy backyard privacy on the new deck.

It is just a couple of blocks from Columbia Elementary School.

And this home qualifies for the no down payment RD loan!!

Give me a call to check out this 1422 square foot newly remodeled home at 525 N. Jackson in Joplin.


There is a place on the greensheet, a form that Keller Williams requires before they pay you commission,  where you must fill out how much money you will contribute to KW Cares.  You can put down any amount even zero, but you must fill it out.  When I first began at Keller Williams, I would kinda give. By that I mean I would round off the amount to give a little. I was not familiar with this charity and felt like I gave enough to other charities.  And beside what did they do with that money?

Then an agent in our office discovered she had breast cancer and she got a check from KW CARES for $10,000! My ears perked up.  KW cares was helping people in our office! I discovered that there are no administrative fees. One hundred percent of the money donated goes to help agents and the families in a time of need.  Pretty cool.

Last May, the F5 tornado hit our town. That was Sunday evening.  On Monday morning, a Keller Williams agent from another state was calling me and asking if I was OK (which I was.)  Through KW Cares, everyone in our office was contacted.  But that was just the beginning.  KW Cares helped with many of the needs of people in our office.  This included helping the office with the enormous work load or helping those whose homes were devastated.

I am proud to work for a company that embraces KW Cares culture.

Demolition of Joplin High School

Demolition of Joplin High School

I was driving down 20th street on Friday and noticed news crews and passer-byers  taking an interest in the old Joplin High School.  Then, I noticed the machines that were there to begin demolition.   This ruined building will now become another piece of empty ground that is consistent with most of the middle of Joplin.  But to many of the people of Joplin, this was so much more than another building coming down.  Many memories were formed in those walls.

C.J. Huff, the Joplin School Superintendent, has posted a letter explaining the need for a $62 million dollar school bond that voters will get a chance to vote on in an upcoming election.  He explains in this letter that although the school insurance was extremely good and donations have been amazingly generous, to rebuild a school at today’s cost will be a pricey endeavor.

Many people choose to live in Joplin because we have always had a school system of which our community can be extremely proud.  We now have a chance to rebuild for the future of our children and community.  

Energy Efficient Feature for Home Sales

This Month in Real Estate talks about what features buyers look for in an energy efficient home.   Of course buyers are savvy and want to buy a home that will not drain their piggy bank once they are living in it.

The top features are:

Double paned windows

Energy efficient appliances

Upgraded insulation

Efficient heating and air conditioning

Solar power


I can attest that buyers in our area, look for efficient windows, appliances, HVAC and some of them ask about insulation.  Since we do not have many homes in the area that use solar power, it is not something that buyers usually ask about.  But if you have that you are ahead of the curve.

So if you are thinking about what you can do to get your home ready to sell, consider upgrading to make your home more energy efficient.

And if your home is on the market, make sure to have your agent advertise the energy efficient features of your home.

Making your home energy efficient will help to sell your home and make it more affordable while you are living there.  Contact me for more ideas on how to get your home sold.