Joplin Moves On


This past Sunday demolition on St. John’s Hospital began.  There was a great turn out to mark this event.  One reason for this was that the weather was no fantastic, sunny and in the 60’s.   But of course the best reason is that St. John’s Hospital has been near and dear to our hearts for so long.  Many of our citizens have memories of visiting family and friends at St. John’s.  What parent can’t recall a trip or two to the ER?  Also many babies have been born at St. John’s.  If you happen to be one of the many that are employed at St. John’s, you have another incredible connection.  St. John’s has definitely been a big part of Joplin.


Now today another demolition has begun as South Middle School comes down.  The building where both of my children attended 6th and 7th grades was not used as a school attendance center the past year.  But it is another building that holds many memories for many fellow Joplinites.

I know that St. John’s , now called Mercy Hospital, has already begun building the new hospital.  It will be a great place to work, visit friends and family who are ill, make the occasional stop at the ER and even give birth.  It will be new and shiny.  New schools will be built embracing the latest technology for our students.  All this is very, very good.

Still it is hard to say good bye to old friends.



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