Let’s Get This House SOLD

So if you are trying to sell your home, let me help you out by sharing with you something I have noticed while working with buyers.

Buyers look at is how neat and clean your home is.  And not just your home but your stuff , yes your stuff.

Neat, clean, well landscpaed front yard makes a great first impression!

Now you may say that your stuff should not matter.   After all, the buyers are not going to be purchasing your furniture or clutter.   If you think this way, you are technically correct.  The buyers should just look at the house, not the papers on the counter and the sofa that has seen better days.  But what I am telling you is that buyers judge the house by the condition of your home.  As a realtor I will point out obvious facts to the buyers such as,”This is the 3 bedroom 2 bath floor plan that you told me you liked.”  The buyers will then look at me and say,”Yes but this place smells like stinky dog” (or something like that.)

So to give your home the best chance to sell at the best price, make your home clean.  Make it look clean and smell clean.  If you have old stained furniture, cover it with a throw.  Get rid of mildew in the bathroom.  Pick up all your papers and put them in a drawer or storage bin.  Clean off the light switches and doors around the handle.

Clean and uncluttered = inviting

A very homey feel

Check out these houses to see appealing homes:

1040 Texas

2024 Chickadee

Listen to advise your realtor give to you on staging your home.  They are your best ally in getting your home sold.  If they are like me they hear plenty of comments when working with buyers and can share this knowledge with you.

And of course best of luck!


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