Are You Earning Good Money in Your Savings?

I just talked to someone at Southwest Missouri Bank, a fine bank here in Joplin.  I was told that you can earn 2/10 of a percent on your passbook savings account.  Of course SMB has many more types of saving plans, but my question to is: Are you earning good money in your saving account right now?

If you are not pleased with what you are earning at a bank, you may want to diversify your savings and try to earn a bit more money.

Have you looked lately at the price of renting a home?

Here is a sample of ads I pasted off Craigslist in Joplin:

Jan 31 – $690 / 3br – Single Family – Joplin, MO – (Joplin, MO) pic

Jan 31 – $1325 / 3br – 1800ft² – NEW CUSTOM DUPLEX IN LOMA LINDA – (JOPLIN)

Jan 31 – $655 / 3br – Very large 3 floor home. – (joplin) pic

Jan 31 – $625 / 1br – 510ft² – LOMA LINDA ALL BILLS PAID – (JOPLIN)

Jan 31 – $625 / 1br – 500ft² – ALL BILLS PAID ONE BEDROOM IN LOMA LINDA – (JOPLIN)

Jan 31 – $425 2 Bedroom Apartment for Rent- Close to downtown Joplin –

Does that monthly income look good to you?

Right now in Joplin, rental property is a hot commodity.  There are several reasons for this.

Although there are some fantastic loan programs out there, if your credit is not good, it is difficult to qualify for a mortgage. There are many people who for whatever reason just do not have the credit score to qualify for a mortgage.

Many of the homes lost in the tornado where rentals.  From apartments to rental homes, a great deal of rentals that were here a year ago are no longer available.  People need places to rent.

Lots of people that I talk to are a bit weary of being landlords.  Too many of us remember the old Michael Keaton movie, Pacific Heights, a nightmare movie for landlords for sure.  But there are many landlords who are quite satisfied with their tenants.  For those of you who are a bit timid, be sure to contact the Southwest Missouri Rental Association for great tips and advice.

If you have ever tinkered with the idea of purchasing a home to rent but are a bit hesitant, let me help you out.  At our Keller Williams office, we have lots of ways to assist the investment buyer.  Give me a call to see if this is the investment opportunity that would be right for you.

Joplin Moves On


This past Sunday demolition on St. John’s Hospital began.  There was a great turn out to mark this event.  One reason for this was that the weather was no fantastic, sunny and in the 60’s.   But of course the best reason is that St. John’s Hospital has been near and dear to our hearts for so long.  Many of our citizens have memories of visiting family and friends at St. John’s.  What parent can’t recall a trip or two to the ER?  Also many babies have been born at St. John’s.  If you happen to be one of the many that are employed at St. John’s, you have another incredible connection.  St. John’s has definitely been a big part of Joplin.


Now today another demolition has begun as South Middle School comes down.  The building where both of my children attended 6th and 7th grades was not used as a school attendance center the past year.  But it is another building that holds many memories for many fellow Joplinites.

I know that St. John’s , now called Mercy Hospital, has already begun building the new hospital.  It will be a great place to work, visit friends and family who are ill, make the occasional stop at the ER and even give birth.  It will be new and shiny.  New schools will be built embracing the latest technology for our students.  All this is very, very good.

Still it is hard to say good bye to old friends.


Buy a Home with NO Money Down

Today I was able to attend a class by the fine ladies from the Rural Development Loan Department.   These ladies traveled all the way from Huston, TX  and Springfield, MO to fill us in s fantastic loan opportunity for the home buyers of Jasper and Newton Counties.  Many thanks to Tyler Richard of TowneBank for organizing this class

Because of the great need Joplin has for affordable housing, our government leader have pushed for this loan to be made available to everyone in all of Jasper and Newton County.  Why is this such a big deal?  Well, the RD Loan requires no money down!  $$$$$$$$$

You can have this great home in Robin Ridge subdivision.

You can buy this cute home the heart of Joplin.

This money is available till it runs out or till the end of their fiscal year which is in September.

So now is a great time to look for a home.  Please contact me to assist you.  I can help you find your dream home.  If you need the name of a good loan officer, I can help with that also.

Get Off The Couch

We all know life in Joplin can be very interesting.  For a small town there is always lots to do. And for those of you who crave a little culture in your life, join Spiva Art Center.

On Friday night, they had an awesome display of art involving horses called Equine Gestures.   My favorite was the wooden sculptures by Rachel Wilson.

Rachel is a 1997 graduate of Webb City High School.  She told me that in creating her sculptures, she finds pieces of wood, mostly hedge wood, that has certain shapes that lend itself to the horse sculpture.   And Rachel does just that.  As you look at the sculptures you believe that each piece of wood that makes the leg or the eyes was created for just that purpose.  These sculptures are incredible.

But there is even more at Spiva. Rachel’s horses are displayed along with Marion Bingham’s art of horse painting sand Larry Clingman‘s Play of Light.

So get off the couch this winter and check out some cool stuff.

Things You Never Hear People Say

I saw a segment on a morning talk show called “Things you never hear people say.”

I thought I would expand on this and my previous blog to write about things you would never hear buyers say.

For instance:

It is so creative they way the home owners have used different carpet in every room.

Is it just me or do those smudges around the light switch look like the Blessed Virgin?

That stale lingering cigarette smell reminds me of dear ol’granny.

The huge crack in this wall will make a perfect place to store old newspapers.

How do they get pictures all over the wall to look like a qwerty keyboard.  (The tech savvy buyer obviously)

I hope that ripped sofa is included in the sale.

There is a trash dump at the back of the property?  Yippee, the kids will have a place to play!

With the washer being upstairs and the dryer downstairs, I can train for the Olympics at home!

I love the use of recycle plastic bags to fill in the space between the wall and the floor. (The eco-minded buyer obviously)

Anyway, you may have some of your own to add.

But if you want to see some homes where the comments are Oooo’s and Ahh’s check out my featured property.

And have a great day.

Let’s Get This House SOLD

So if you are trying to sell your home, let me help you out by sharing with you something I have noticed while working with buyers.

Buyers look at is how neat and clean your home is.  And not just your home but your stuff , yes your stuff.

Neat, clean, well landscpaed front yard makes a great first impression!

Now you may say that your stuff should not matter.   After all, the buyers are not going to be purchasing your furniture or clutter.   If you think this way, you are technically correct.  The buyers should just look at the house, not the papers on the counter and the sofa that has seen better days.  But what I am telling you is that buyers judge the house by the condition of your home.  As a realtor I will point out obvious facts to the buyers such as,”This is the 3 bedroom 2 bath floor plan that you told me you liked.”  The buyers will then look at me and say,”Yes but this place smells like stinky dog” (or something like that.)

So to give your home the best chance to sell at the best price, make your home clean.  Make it look clean and smell clean.  If you have old stained furniture, cover it with a throw.  Get rid of mildew in the bathroom.  Pick up all your papers and put them in a drawer or storage bin.  Clean off the light switches and doors around the handle.

Clean and uncluttered = inviting

A very homey feel

Check out these houses to see appealing homes:

1040 Texas

2024 Chickadee

Listen to advise your realtor give to you on staging your home.  They are your best ally in getting your home sold.  If they are like me they hear plenty of comments when working with buyers and can share this knowledge with you.

And of course best of luck!

Real Estate Statistic for 2011

The weekly “Joplin Metro Weekly Home Statistics” feature in the Joplin Globe, showed that despite gloomy national news, the real estate news in Joplin for 2011 was very encouraging. The numbers show that 2011 was a better year than 2010.

The average volume sold in 2010 was $199,263.966 compared to $272,818,297 for 2011. This is even more impressive when you think of the reduction of homes in our area due to the tornado.

The average sales price increased from $104,272 in 2010 to $112,456 in 2011.

And days that a home was on the market before it sold was 117 days compared to 126 days the year before.

In other words, the real estate market in Joplin was a boom to our local economy. Despite the disasters that we have had in Joplin, there was good news if you were looking to buy or sell a home. Our government continues to encourage this growth with the great loans that are available to home shoppers.

So while interest rate are still great, now is a good time to buy or sell a home.

Contact me, Mary Plunkett, to find out what can be done to get you into a new home.