Irving School

So before I was a realtor extraordinaire, I was a lucky to be a teacher.  I was even luckier to be a teacher at Irving Elementary in Joplin, Missouri.  I taught at Irving for eleven years.  I taught there when my two kids attended school there.  I taught some great kids there.  I worked worked with extremely caring professionals. As a special education teacher, I worked closely with therapists, counselors and other teachers.  I am proud to say that I still have the friendship of these great women.  We get together a couple times a year to share food and some good conversation. As a matter of fact, we were planning to meet for a Christmas celebration. So when I heard that demolition had begun on Irving Elementary, I knew I had to stop by.  Irving had been severely damaged in the tornado and was now coming down.

The collapsed room in the picture was my classroom for a number of years.

I stopped there and approached the workers and asked if I could talk to someone in charge.  A man named Matthew stepped up.  I told him that I needed a few bricks from the school, three to be exact, one for my son, my daughter and me.  He got me three nice looking bricks as a machine with a big claw scooped up the rubble of Irving and dropped it in a truck.

Irving being scooped up.

As I drove away with my bricks and a tear in my eye, I decided that I had to drive back and get a few more bricks for my Irving teacher friends.  Because even though we had decided that we were not exchanging gifts,  I didn’t think they would mind me giving them an Irving brick.   When I got back to the school, Matthew was eating his lunch.  I apologized for being weepy and bugging him but I explained  that I use to teach at Irving.  I asked him if he could get me five more bricks, then I counted again and said make it six more.  I told him I would wait in my car for him to finish eating.  I was not in a hurry.  He came to my car and said, I bought you seven bricks.  My wife is a teacher also.

They are going to build a new Irving on a new location.  It will be bright and shiny and have all the latest technology.  But I am sure going to miss driving by the my Irving School.

Check out the new Joplin school plans in this Joplin Globe article.


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