A Look at 2011 Real Estate in Joplin

According to information provided by Ozark Gateway Association of Realtors, which is our local real estate association, the market in 2011 was better than the market in 2010.  By “better “I mean that in 2010 the average volume sold was $192,701,276 while so far in 2011 the average volume sold has been $266,127,296.  Woot Hoot! for those of you that sold your home at a good price this past year and those who found their next domicile.

I know that the tornado knock out many, many homes in the area.  Lots of our fellow citizens were left scrambling for housing.  But many of the remaining residents responded by deciding that now was a good time to sell the home that they had been thinking about selling (but just had not gotten around to doing it.)  We ended up having, as of today, 2384 homes sold in 2011 in the Joplin, Carl Junction, Seneca, Webb City, Carthage, Neosho and Diamond areas.   That compared to a supply of 1851 homes in 2010 that were sold.

This home was sold after the tornado when the owners decided this would be a good time to move closer to the grandkids.

Another statistic is that the average days on the market was 117 days compared to 126 days in 2010.  Admittedly the market was cRazY in the month of June, July and even August.  But if you are thinking of buying or selling don’t feel that you missed the boat.  There are still many people who are looking for homes.  Personally, I am working with many more buyers this December than in past years.  These buyers include people who are your typical buyers; people who have moved to the area and need a home, or people who are looking to expand (shrink) their current home because of family needs.  However, we still have people displaced by the tornado that are getting a bit tired of living with their relatives or have finally settled with the insurance company.  Time to move on and get a home of their own!

Great 4 bedroom/3 bath home in Robin Ridge.

Move to Greystone to this 3 bedroom 2 bath home!

If you are a buyer, I have good news for you also.  There has been 4484 new listings in 2011.  That compares with 3842 a year ago.  Currentl,y there are 1640 homes you can buy! So there is a wide inventory variety of homes with many choices of homes to suit your family’s needs.  Another piece of really good news is that USDA, the government agency in charge of rural development loan, has granted that all of Jasper and Newton counties qualifies for the RD loan.  The really cool thing about this is that this loan requires NO down payment.  So check it out.  Contact me if you need the names of some loan officers that can give you all the information you need to get your loan.

Thanks to all for helping me have an outstanding 2011.  My goal for 2012 is continue to help as many people as I can to buy or sell the real estate so that they can move on with their 2012 goals and dreams.  God bless you.


Merry Christmas for Joplin!

My good friend Tyler Richards of  Townebank just posted this on his facebook page:

“The USDA held an informational meeting today on 100% funding for the city of Joplin. ALL OF JASPER COUNTY is eligible for 100% USDA RD Financing. The USDA is verifying the availability for Newton County and will get back to us on that. All of the rules are the same, but now we can do Joplin and Webb City as well. There are some waivers for new construction purchases, too. ”

This is fantastic news because this is a no money down loan!!!!

For more information about this program give me a call or see a great loan person such as Tyler.  Here is a link that provides lots of information about this program.


Irving School

So before I was a realtor extraordinaire, I was a lucky to be a teacher.  I was even luckier to be a teacher at Irving Elementary in Joplin, Missouri.  I taught at Irving for eleven years.  I taught there when my two kids attended school there.  I taught some great kids there.  I worked worked with extremely caring professionals. As a special education teacher, I worked closely with therapists, counselors and other teachers.  I am proud to say that I still have the friendship of these great women.  We get together a couple times a year to share food and some good conversation. As a matter of fact, we were planning to meet for a Christmas celebration. So when I heard that demolition had begun on Irving Elementary, I knew I had to stop by.  Irving had been severely damaged in the tornado and was now coming down.

The collapsed room in the picture was my classroom for a number of years.

I stopped there and approached the workers and asked if I could talk to someone in charge.  A man named Matthew stepped up.  I told him that I needed a few bricks from the school, three to be exact, one for my son, my daughter and me.  He got me three nice looking bricks as a machine with a big claw scooped up the rubble of Irving and dropped it in a truck.

Irving being scooped up.

As I drove away with my bricks and a tear in my eye, I decided that I had to drive back and get a few more bricks for my Irving teacher friends.  Because even though we had decided that we were not exchanging gifts,  I didn’t think they would mind me giving them an Irving brick.   When I got back to the school, Matthew was eating his lunch.  I apologized for being weepy and bugging him but I explained  that I use to teach at Irving.  I asked him if he could get me five more bricks, then I counted again and said make it six more.  I told him I would wait in my car for him to finish eating.  I was not in a hurry.  He came to my car and said, I bought you seven bricks.  My wife is a teacher also.

They are going to build a new Irving on a new location.  It will be bright and shiny and have all the latest technology.  But I am sure going to miss driving by the my Irving School.

Check out the new Joplin school plans in this Joplin Globe article.