Home Seller’s Big Mistake #3

“Without promotion something terrible happens, nothing.” – P.T. Barnum

If your home is priced right and has great pictures but only a few know it is for sale, it may sit for a long  time.  Don’t let that happen.  Why go through all the work of getting your home ready to sell and have no one see it?

Make sure your home gets the right promotion. Call a realtor today to find out how to get your home sold! Realtors have access and knowledge about different marketing strategies.

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Don’t let something terrible happen.



Home Seller’s Big Mistake #2

One of the biggest mistakes that home sellers make is pricing their home too high.

Of course there are many reason a home owner will do this.

  • How much it cost to transform the perfect man cave, master closet, etc.
  • How much Aunt Lulu is selling her home for in a different area
  • How much Fred the builder said he could build a home that is just the same
  • How much it costs to buy or build the dream home.

None of the above reasons should be the basis for the selling price of your home.  A home’s value is based on what buyers will pay for the home.

Pricing your home incorrectly only helps to sell the home on the next block that is priced correctly.

Contact me or go to the link below to find your home’s value and get it priced correctly!

What’s My Home Worth?

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Big Home Seller’s Mistake – Bad Pictures

Great pictures can sell your home! One of the biggest mistakes that home sellers make is using poor quality pictures. True, there are many buyers who do not use a computer to search for a home. But most home buyers do search on the internet. National Association of Realtors found that last year 92% of home buyers used the internet in some way to find a home.

Your pictures can sell your home.

While bad pictures can be amusing, 1 bad picture 2 bad picture disturbing,

Or thought provoking3 bad picture

Great pictures can sell your home!


To get some outstanding pictures that show off your home’s features while also attracting buyer’s interests, give me a call. 417-825-1042

What’s My Home Worth?

Would you like to know how much your home is worth?  You don’t have to be thinking of selling your home to be interested in what it would sell for today.


What you paid for it, how much you owe, what you need, what your neighbor said, and what it would cost to replace are all interesting figures.  But I can tell you what buyers in today’s market in your area will pay for a home.

Just click on the link, What is My Home Worth, and fill out the information. I am happy to help you.

Red Day 2015

Each year our Keller Williams agency has Red Day.  On this day, our agency focuses on a community project that needs a little extra help.  In the past we have remodeled and bought extra supplies and equipment for Lafayette House, Boys and Girls Club, and the Webb City CP Center, to name a few.

This year, we are helping Watered Gardens.  This is a highly regarded agency that helps the disadvantaged in the area.  Some of the ways that Watered Gardens serves the poor is by providing shelter, meals. food, mentoring and job placement. So you can see why this year we are super excited to help this place.

Red Day 2015 Pub

We have big plans to add furniture, storage, lay carpet, paint offices, plumb the baptismal font, plant flowers and supply 2 very large bike racks, and more!.

One way we are able to do all this is with the community help.  We partner with many of our affiliates to get the job done.  We also sell a hot dog or hamburger lunch to raise funds.

Here is where you can help.  You can purchase one of these delicious lunches on May 14.  If your office orders 10 or more lunches, we deliver. $5 gets you a fresh off the grill hot dog or hamburger, plus chips, a cookie and soda! YUM.

Just give me a call  (417-825-1042) to place your order. And then enjoy!

Fifty Shades of Grey & Joplin Real Estate

Fifty Shades of Grey hits the box office this weekend.  And while the movie may make you blush, the many shades of grey homes in Joplin will make you want to buy a new home!

We currently have a great inventory of gray

IMG_4001 (Small)

and other color homes to choose from.

3151906 Lakeview 003

If you don’t plan on seeing the movie Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend, you may want to do some house shopping.  Just give me a call. 417-825-1042.

New Blog Look and Stats for December

Since I have been writing a blog since 2011, I thought it was time for a new look.  So last week I changed my “theme.” What do you think?  Is it easy to read?

My goal with my blog is to give you quick information about real estate issues, particularly how they pertain to Southwest Missouri.

Speaking of information about the area, here are some stats for the month of December: There were 844 active residential listings, 172 new listings were added that month and  the average days on the market (DOM) is 127.  That is pretty active for the month of December.

Dec sales

If you would like more information about real estate, just contact me.