Professionals Helping Seniors


If you are looking for a resource that will put you in touch with professionals that specialize in services for seniors check out this dedicated group, Professionals Helping Seniors. This group contains a variety of service oriented professionals covering everything from health to legal to real estate to banking needs.

These professionals have the knowledge and experience to deal with many issues experienced by seniors in our area.

So check out our website or Facebook page. Or give me a me a call. I would love help you find the service that you need.


Want To Be A Realtor?


The 48 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Exam Course starts January 11.  The 24 Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course starts on February 15.

Both of these classes are needed before you can take the exam to obtain your Missouri Real Estate License.

If you have ever thought that you would like to be a realtor please give me a call. 417-825-1042 I would love to talk to you about any aspect of being a realtor.

Start 2016 on a path of success.

Main Street, Joplin, MO

Joplin comes in tenth on a list of the top twelve towns that have the best main streets in Missouri on the website


Pretty good for a small town that does not have a river front.  Joplin’s has made Main Street a feast for the senses. From the well kept flowers in the summer months to the beautiful Christmas lights right now, Joplin’s pride shows.  Several beautiful murals, great places to shop and  excellent cuisine make Main Street Joplin a destination must.

Make sure to come and visit.  And if you decide to buy property while you are here, give me a call. 417-825-1042.

Up on the House Top…


Making  sure that Santa and his reindeers have a good landing surface is just on of the reason you should pay particular attention to your roof this time of year.

Here are a few recommendations to get your roof ready for winter.

  1. Do a visual inspection of your roof to look for maintenance issues or things that could make it more susceptible to hail or wind or other damage—like missing or damaged shingles or tiles on sloped roofs.
  2. Look at flashing along the roof to make sure it’s in place and in good condition. The flashing is where you transition between vertical places and the horizontal roof—things like around skylights, vents or chimneys. Anywhere where you have a change in roof elevation, you’ve got flashing there and that’s a typical source or place for water to penetrate into the roof covering.
  3. Take a walk around the home and look for overhanging trees and branches. Trim trees back and remove dead branches—things that have the potential to fall when you get high winds or heavy snowfall to keep from damaging your roof.
  4. Check downspouts and gutters to make sure that after the leaves fall the gutters get cleaned out—anything with the potential to freeze and exacerbate the problem with ice damage. Keep the drainage of the water off the roof and not clogged in the gutters.

A good roof makes for a cozy home.  Give me a call for a free market analysis of your home today. 417-825-0142


Home Buyers May Ask the Seller to Pay for These Things


Closing Cost

These are cost associated with your loan and can be 3% of the loan cost.  So if you are borrowing $100,000 and don’t have the extra $3000 to cover the closing cost, you can ask the seller to pay for this.  This may up the price of the home by that amount but you will not have to have that cash at the closing instead it will be wrapped up in your mortgage.

Home Warranty

A home warranty is an insurance policy on the mechanical and electrical aspects of the home.  Several companies provide home warranties.  They cost around $450 for a basic plan.  Many home owners will provide one if you ask for it.

Let me act as your agent.

I will negotiate all this and more during your buying process.

Call Mary Plunkett   417-824-1042.


Premier Agent Forum

Zillow Premier Agent Forum 2015

Zillow Premier Agent Forum 2015

I was very happy to recently get the opportunity to attend the Zillow Premier Agent Forum in Las Vegas.  First, it was tons of fun!  But also, I was able to learn plenty.  I try hard to continue to grow as an agent and if I can do that while going to a fun event in Las Vegas, then all the better!

I wanted to let you know a couple of interesting facts that Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow, shared with us.

  1. The number of homes in the U.S that are underwater has dropped. In 2013, 31% of homes were underwater and as of second quarter in 2015 that number is 14%.
  2. Buying a home is becoming more affordable while rents are getting more expensive.
  3. When the population is broken down to the generational terms; Millennials who are 18 to 34 years old show the same values about home ownership as those who are over 65 years of age. They believe home ownership is necessary to the American dream, to respectability, to an amount of freedom, and a great investment.

Home Ownership

Being at the forum gave me the opportunity to talk to agents across the country. While there are some very nice places to live, right here in Joplin is a great place to buy affordable housing and live in a great community.

Tom Ferry

Selfie with Bessie from CA and the keynote speaker, Tom Ferry

Contact me to find out more information about the Premier Agent Forum, our real estate market or about  owning a home.