Home Buyers May Ask the Seller to Pay for These Things


Closing Cost

These are cost associated with your loan and can be 3% of the loan cost.  So if you are borrowing $100,000 and don’t have the extra $3000 to cover the closing cost, you can ask the seller to pay for this.  This may up the price of the home by that amount but you will not have to have that cash at the closing instead it will be wrapped up in your mortgage.

Home Warranty

A home warranty is an insurance policy on the mechanical and electrical aspects of the home.  Several companies provide home warranties.  They cost around $450 for a basic plan.  Many home owners will provide one if you ask for it.

Let me act as your agent.

I will negotiate all this and more during your buying process.

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Premier Agent Forum

Zillow Premier Agent Forum 2015

Zillow Premier Agent Forum 2015

I was very happy to recently get the opportunity to attend the Zillow Premier Agent Forum in Las Vegas.  First, it was tons of fun!  But also, I was able to learn plenty.  I try hard to continue to grow as an agent and if I can do that while going to a fun event in Las Vegas, then all the better!

I wanted to let you know a couple of interesting facts that Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow, shared with us.

  1. The number of homes in the U.S that are underwater has dropped. In 2013, 31% of homes were underwater and as of second quarter in 2015 that number is 14%.
  2. Buying a home is becoming more affordable while rents are getting more expensive.
  3. When the population is broken down to the generational terms; Millennials who are 18 to 34 years old show the same values about home ownership as those who are over 65 years of age. They believe home ownership is necessary to the American dream, to respectability, to an amount of freedom, and a great investment.

Home Ownership

Being at the forum gave me the opportunity to talk to agents across the country. While there are some very nice places to live, right here in Joplin is a great place to buy affordable housing and live in a great community.

Tom Ferry

Selfie with Bessie from CA and the keynote speaker, Tom Ferry

Contact me to find out more information about the Premier Agent Forum, our real estate market or about  owning a home. plunkett@kw.com


Steps for Buying Your Home


It is my job to streamline these steps for you and ensure that everything is completed according to plan.

  1. Consultation to analyze your specific needs and wishes

I listen carefully to what you need in a home.

  1. Financial pre-qualification or pre-approval

I can recommend a loan officer to help you.

  1. Select and view properties

We will look at homes on line and in person.  Make sure you check out the neighborhood prior to a home visit.

  1. Write an offer to purchase

I can help you make an attractive offer and that will save you money.

  1. Negotiate the purchase offer

Once accepted I send the contract and earnest money to the title company, they begin the title search.  I also send the contract to your loan officer so they can work on the loan process.

  1. Find an inspector and renegotiate

Having the home inspected is highly recommended.  You will pay the inspector to find any problem with the home.  They WILL find problems.  Don’t be alarmed.  If there are big problems, we will renegotiate.

  1. Final mortgage application, underwriting loan approval

Depending on the loan, this can take up to 45 days!

  1. Title company

We will close at a title company.  Generally, you pay the title insurance, the seller pays for a title search.  The fee charged by the title company to close is split between the buyer and the seller.

  1. Closing

Make sure you have the utilities put in your name.


If you need the name of a moving company, let me know.


Prettiest Yard Contest

We have a Winner!!!

Julie Hannon’s yard wins with 68 votes wins. This yard not only has a pretty home and luscious landscaping but also a saltwater pool. On these hot days, that not only looks pretty but feels oh so nice!

Julie Hannon

With 49 votes, Dory Quinn’s yard came in second. This pretty home has colorful appealing landscaping.

Dory Quinn

I want to thank everyone who participated in our “Prettiest Yard Contest.”  We have some beautiful yards in the area. I appreciate those of you who shared those pictures with me. We even had a beautiful picture from a California yard! It was great that you took time to take a picture and send it in to me so I could put it on my Facebook page.

11540923_10203498105047813_1004306211401733183_n IMG_6126 Callen2

Thanks to all who took time to hit that “like” button and vote for your favorite.

I love how people take pride in their homes. As a realtor, I know how much people appreciate a home that is not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you to Sandra DeWitt of Mid Missouri Bank for sponsoring the $100 prize.

This was so much fun. Follow my Facebook page Mary Plunkett Sells Homes to see if we run another contest in the future.

JHAP Funding for your Home Purchase

JHAP, Joplin Homeowners Assistance Program, just got a great financial boost. The Joplin Globe reported that the JHAP program is requesting an additional $7 million dollars to this program that helps qualified home buyers purchase a home in the area of Joplin that was devastated by the 2011 tornado.


JHAP Area Map

People who qualify for JHAP may get up to 20% of the home’s purchase price!


Income Qualifications for JHAP Buyers

I am happy to help you find out more about this program or find a home in the JHAP area, I can negotiate a new construction, FSBO or any listed property at no cost to the buyer.

So give me a call today, 417-825-1042, and let’s get the JHAP funding working for you.

Prettiest Yard Contest


If you would like to win $100 or help a friend to win $100,  just send me a pretty yard picture. Sandra DeWitt from Mid-Missouri Bank is sponsoring this contest.  And now that we have had some rain there are some very good looking yards out there.  To vote for your favorite go to my facebook page and “like” your favorite yard in the Contest Album.

Callen Callen2 DSC02976 IMG_6126 11540923_10203498105047813_1004306211401733183_n


Home Seller’s Big Mistake #3

“Without promotion something terrible happens, nothing.” – P.T. Barnum

If your home is priced right and has great pictures but only a few know it is for sale, it may sit for a long  time.  Don’t let that happen.  Why go through all the work of getting your home ready to sell and have no one see it?

Make sure your home gets the right promotion. Call a realtor today to find out how to get your home sold! Realtors have access and knowledge about different marketing strategies.

Scan0001 (2)


Don’t let something terrible happen.